Hopes and Intentions.

Salve ! Thank you very much for visiting my new blog. This enterprise was devised to hopefully provide opportunities, and support, to budding Classicists everywhere by providing them a platform from which to hopefully advance in the future. This may be an entirely fruitless excercise and struggle to reach one hundred followers; however, the measure of success for this will not be virality, it will be impact. IF this happens to give one person the platform which I hope it will, I will deem this entire project a success. So please, I ask only that you share this blog as far as you can, and inform every A-Level, Undergraduate, or casual Classicist you know that this is a place for them to voice their opinions, and share their love for the ancient world. I have seen first hand (through my editor position at the University of Lincoln’s History and Heritage Blog) how greatly blogging can improve ones writing and understanding of a topic, expand their passions, and provide vital experience with public writing. So I invite anyone, and everyone to submit pieces on any part of the classical world and share your passions whilst hopefully getting some experience at the same time. Vale!


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